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Fall is in the air…

Fall is in the air…

Fall is in the air. Its that time of year again. Waiting for the snow to fly, getting skis waxed up, fearing that the final bike ride is getting closer, darkness creeping in a little sooner, the down jackets are back on the hook by the door.

Down at the Recycling Center, things have certainly started to slow down a bit. We had a great summer, lots of recycling, and finished up the last fiscal year with our highest diversion rate ever. We were excited to work with Community Foundation over the summer to make Old Bill’s Fun Run a plastic-bottle-free event. It was a huge success, with as little waste as anyone could remember! Thanks to Community Foundation for their huge push to be more green!

I just want to remind everyone to keep on recycling. Its certainly not a cure-all, but after last fiscal year, we’ve reinforced what we had presumed before…beyond source reduction efforts and diligent reuse, recycling is the best fiscal and ecological choice we can make with our waste stream.

I went to put out my one bag of trash at the curb this morning and was astonished that my neighbor, also a two person household, had two full cans. Overflowing, and filled with glass and other recyclables. It really drove home the fact that diversion makes a difference!

Remember to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle…in that order…