Community Partnerships - How Do You RRR
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Community Partnerships


Introduction to the RRR Community Partnership program

Teton County relies on annual partnerships with community programs and organizations. Partner efforts overlap with and extend ISWR’s Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle programming and increase the impact on the community.

Each fiscal year, Teton County’s RRR program offers funding to selected partnering organizations with the goal of providing education and outreach opportunities to support RRR practices in the community.

To be considered for an RRR community partnership, please contact Mari Allan Hanna at or 733-7678  to request a partnership proposal.  Proposals must be received by December 31st to be considered for the following Teton County fiscal year budget which begins July 1 and concludes June 30.

The Wort Hotel

Local artist John Frechette created custom Jackson Hole reusable shopping bags for guests of the Wort Hotel. The hotel supplied hotel guests with the bags to encourage reusable bag use during their stay in Jackson, and, ideally, send them home with an increased awareness of what they could do to increase sustainability in their own communities.

Jackson Hole Children’s Museum

The Children’s Museum has developed a RRR curriculum that is being taught to Teton County Public School District summer school students, Children’s Museum participants and shared with other interested organizations.

Jackson Hole Eco-Fair

Title sponsorship of Jackson’s annual Eco-Fair event, hosted by Energy Conservation Works, to support simple and sustainable living in the Tetons.

The Remida Project - Re-Think, Re-Invent, Re-Imagine with Re-usable Materials

Assisting Families, schools and businesses in the Jackson Hole and Teton Valley community to collect alternative and reclaimed materials with the goal of reinventing their use and meaning. At the 2014 Jackson Eco-Fair, kids (and adults!) created a fun and beautiful piece of art with a local artist, Ben Roth, using otherwise non-recyclable items.

Materials collected for the Remida Project were redistributed to interested teachers to use to enhance learning experiences in their classrooms. A product of the Reggio Emilia teaching philosophy and practice, Remida is a cultural project that represents an optimistic and proactive way of approaching environmentalism through the arts.

Yellowstone-Teton Clean Cities - Sustainability Series

The monthly presentations of the Sustainability Series provide the Jackson community a cohesive understanding of on-going local sustainability efforts. More important, it offers specific actionable items community members can apply to their everyday lives while contributing to and improving the efforts of the community as a whole. These presentations help to increase the awareness and action of community members toward more sustainable behaviors while providing opportunities for collaboration between organizations.

Leadership Jackson Hole

Provided assistance to establish the JH2O Project, which succeeded in installing water bottle filling stations to downtown Jackson at five highly visible and heavily trafficked locations. This project continues to establish and promote refillable water bottle stations throughout the Jackson community, including the well-loved mobile ‘Hydration Station’ available for use at local events.

Center for the Arts

Partnership with the Center provides increased RRR messaging through Center events while assisting the Center’s recycling program by installing additional recycling containers and signage. Home to 19 local, regional and statewide organizations and a myriad of weekly community events, programs and performances, the Center is an ideal venue to showcase and educate both residents and visitors on RRR practices in Teton County.

Slow Food in the Tetons - Jackson Hole People’s Market

Established an RRR Zero Waste Green Event program piloted at the 2015 and 2016 Jackson Hole People’s Market. This program introduced reusable cups, plates and bowls to be used at this event. It also provided outreach and increased awareness of both Zero Waste event practices and Teton County’s Zero Waste Resolution. Data and feedback from this pilot program has assisted the development of Teton County’s RRR Zero Waste Green Event Recognition program, and will aid in continuing to develop additional Zero Waste Event guidelines by creating a lasting system that is both familiar and easy to implement.

ReStore the Community - Upcycling and Repair at the Habitat ReStore

The ReStore provides a Reuse Resource by hosting quarterly upcycling workshops and monthly Repair Café evenings to encourage the repair and repurposing of older items to divert material from the landfill. The upcycling workshops provide attendees with the materials and tools to take something that would otherwise be trash or unsellable and turn it into a one-of-a-kind piece. Each workshop focuses on using different mediums or materials to better engage participant interests.