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Business Leader Program


Business Leader Program

What is RRR Business Leaders?

RRR Business Leaders is Jackson Hole’s local green business recognition program and membership-based association managed by Teton County Solid Waste and Recycling. Teton County businesses, nonprofits and government agencies are encouraged to apply for membership. Member organizations receive community recognition and a variety of networking benefits.

How does RRR Business Leaders work?

  • Apply for membership online at
    The application assesses various aspects of your business operations, including practices related to reducing, reusing, recycling, energy usage and transportation.
  • Since RRR Business Leaders got a “fresh start” in 2014 and certification standards have been updated since the program’s 2007 formation, we ask original members to reapply.
  • Host a RRR Business Leader representative for a short site visit to learn more about your sustainable operations and answer any questions you may have regarding this program.
  • Pay an annual $25 membership fee.
  • Take advantage of the benefits of RRR Business Leaders membership (details below)!

What are the benefits of membership?

ISWR is pleased to offer the following perks to RRR Business Leaders:
Marketing benefits

  • Use of redesigned storefront decal signifying RRR Business Leaders membership
  • Use of redesigned electronic logo signifying RRR Business Leaders membership
  • Inclusion in at least one newspaper, web and or/radio ad during multi-media marketing campaign
  • Inclusion in RRR Business Leaders press releases
  • Inclusion in the online RRR Business Leaders Directory, including a link to your website
  • Profiling in “RRR Business Leader of the Week” on RRR website
  • Inclusion in ISWR electronic newsletter
  • Inclusion in Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce newsletter
  • Use of RRR Business Leaders banner

Networking benefits

  • Access to events calendar and blog on RRR website to list your organization’s events and happenings

Additional RRR Business Leaders benefits

  • 15 percent discount on electronic waste disposal and shredding services at ISWR in recognition of reducing overall solid waste impact

For more information and the RRR Business Leaders membership application contact Waste Diversion and Outreach Coordinator Mac Dukart at 307.733.7678 or
Many thanks to the generous supporters of RRR Business Leaders!

View (and support!) current RRR Business Leaders who support Teton County’s sustainability goals by incorporating green business practices.  (link to RRR Business Leaders Directory)

Resource Guide:
Curious to learn more about incorporating sustainable business practices?  Check out the RRR Business Leaders Resource guide to learn more about greening your business.(link:

Become a Business Leader

RRR Zero Waste Green Events Program:

Events tend to generate a considerable amount of waste in a short time. They are a great way to show commitment to local sustainable initiatives while creating a model of Zero Waste for attendees.  Zero Waste events are an opportunity to expose people to the possibility of a world without (or at least a lot less of it) waste in a tangible and compelling way.  

Teton County would like to assist your organization in incorporating Zero Waste practices at your next event.  Check out our Zero Waste Green Event Resource Guide and distinguish your event from the pack by applying for Zero Waste Green Event Recognition through Teton County’s RRR program.

Regular Business Application:
Interested in applying for RRR Business Leader membership?  Please use this application if your business/organization is not a restaurant. The application assesses various aspects of your business operations, including practices related to reducing, reusing, recycling; energy usage and transportation.

Restaurant  Business Application:
Restaurants please use this restaurant specific application to apply for the RRR Business Leaders program.